AL-GHUFRAN Hijamah (Cure by Sunnah)
The following is a written interview to blog-post by Mr. Shuaib Suria with Dr. Muhammad Ghufran, a male cupping therapist in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

– Please give us a short introduction about yourself, and in particular how you ended up being a hijama therapist?

My name is Muhammad Ghufran (Abu Umer). By profession, I am a systems engineer and got my Software Engineering degree from University of Lahore. I am working since 2001 and now I am working as Asst. Director Projects in Irish based company in Pakistan. On one of my foreign trips to Dubai, my elder brother introduced hijamah to me and encouraged me to get training of this highly recommended Prophetic Treatment. Further we both got training from Sharjah (UAE) by an Egyptian teacher Shaykh Saeed. He is well trained and an experienced cupper.
Now I am is a certified cupping therapist; practicing past many years.
I am a certified Tibb-e-Nabawi Practitioner (National Research Council of Alternative Medicines), doing practice in this Prophetic treatment as Practice makes a man perfect.
– What particular illnesses/ conditions (if any), do you specialise / had the most experience in?

Alhumdolillah, due to applying thousands of cups and treating hundreds of patient, I am specialized in many illnesses like Skin diseases (Allergies), Sciatica Pain, Alopecia, Renal (kidney disease), Infertility, Thyroid, Tonsils, Rheumatism, Hypertension, Liver and gall bladder disease.

– And do you find that in your experience, the conditions/illnesses that you have come across respond well to cupping (hijama) therapy? And if so, what are they? Please provide some case studies.
According to the Hadith,
Anas ibn Maalik (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Indeed the best of remedies you have is cupping (hijama)
Saheeh al-Bukhaaree (5371).
> I had treated a female patient Mrs. Afzal Ahmed (my elder sister), when I had started Hijamah years back; she was suffering with Skin Allergy and high level of Itching. I had applied cups to her and she was cured alhumdolillah. Her faith on hijamah was strengthened. Later, I had applied some more points and just after two weeks, she informed that her hair loss problem is improved as well.

> A patient of Age 25 was suffering with eye problem. Doctors had recommend him to make an operation for it. He got my contact details from the internet and contacted me. We have treated him and applied four points (2 on head, 2 between the shoulders). Alhumdolillah, his problem was fixed and later after one month, he came again for his stomach and urine problem. Just after the treatment of 4 hours he sent me a SMS:

Assalam-o-Alikum, It is the blessing of Allah that my problem is fixed 100/100. Perfect solution in no time.

> A patient came in our Al-Hijamah Centre suffering Renal Disease (Severe Kidney pain). One of our senior staff members Mr. Shehzad Nazir applied four cups to him. His pain vanished on the spot, alhumdolillah.
Similarly I have hundreds of cases with me to write about but I have just shared some of the experiences. It is our usual practice to recite the hadith of Hijamah for Patient to constitute his yaqeen. We also suggest for A’maal-e-Salehaat, Sadaqah and Sala’at.

– Also what would you say about using cupping as a general preventative therapy and how often would you recommend this (once a month? once/twice a year?)

Hijamah (cupping) is a preventative therapy for every disease. According to the Hadith,
Abu Hurairah (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Whoever performs cupping (hijama) on the 17th, 19th or 21st day (of the Islamic, lunar month) then it is a cure for every disease.” [Saheeh Sunan abi Dawud (3861)].

Hijamah (cupping) gets rid of acidic toxic waste which accumulates in our bodies (blood stasis) as we grow older. Sources of toxic waste include:
  • The polluted air we breathe;
  • Toxic chemicals found in your food, water, drinks, household chemicals & toiletries;
  • Environmental waste in your neighborhood;
  • Intoxicating drinks, narcotic drugs, junk food and smoking;
  • Waste products of normal body metabolism; Products of medicinal drugs metabolism;
  • Impact of trauma and accidents on our body;
  • Toxins from mental stress, anger, anxiety and depression;
  • Detoxification of the blood, stimulation of new blood formation;
  • Increased blood circulation & pain reduction;

I recommend to go through this treatment after 3~6 months at least.

– As a hijama therapist, how often do you get hijama done yourself, and what for (if any specific condition) and who do you go to get it done (since it is not an easy therapy to self-administer)?

The best days for cupping (hijama) are the 17th, 19th and 21st of the Islamic, lunar month.

Anas ibn Maalik (may Allaah be pleased with him) reported that the Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) said, “Whoever wants to perform cupping (hijama) then let him search for the 17th, 19th and 21st¦” [Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah (3486)].
I usually apply cups on myself on any of the following days of each lunar month that is 17th, 19th and 21st. One of my staff members Mr. Shehzad Nazir usually does this treatment for me.

– What is the overall prevalence of hijama therapy now in Pakistan? Is it available in hospitals and clinics as a valid alternative / sunnah therapy?

It was new for many people in Pakistan. But with the passage of time, now alhumdolillah hundreds of therapists are doing this treatment in several cities of Pakistan. Unfortunately it’s not recognized by the ministry of health in Pakistan due to many reasons. There are many private hospitals and clinics where therapists are doing this treatment but there is no govt. hospital where this prophetic treatment is being practiced.

– Is there anything else you would like to add?
Hijamah is a sunnah treatment. One should take care while practicing it.
Read this code of ethics.

– Whereabouts is your clinic or practice located and what services do you offer?

My clinic is located in Rawalpindi near Islamabad International Airport, Pakistan.
We also offer all kind of Hijamah apparatus like local and imported Hijamah Kits, local and imported disposable cups in all sizes are available. We also serve long distance hijamah training courses.

Al-Hijamah Centre,
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Cell#: +92(0)315-5115035

Muhammad Ghufran



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