We Serve:

  • Al-Hijamah (Cupping Therapy) treatment at patient location (Special Cases).
  • Some of our foreign trained staff perform treatment painlessly.
  • We provide our products in nationwide and export to foreign countries.
  • Training Courses (Online and In-person).
  • Many MBBS, DHMS, FTJ (Hakeem) and general people get trained by our team.
  • China made┬átop/best quality disposable Cups.
  • China made top/best quality Cupping Kits.
  • China made top/best quality Vacuum Pumps.
  • China made couches (bed) and chairs for professional therapists.

Some Distinctions:

  • A Team of expert therapists including male and female who have applied thousands of cups and cured thousands of patients.
  • Some staff members are trained from foreign country.
  • Association with UK societies (ICTA, TBCCT).
  • Clean and disposable environment.
  • New apparatus is used for each patient.
  • Proper gown and mask are worn for treatment.
  • Record patients treatment full history like visit dates, no. of sessions, applied cupping points on each session and etc.
  • Charges are nominal to meet the expenses of our al-hijamah centre.
  • And many more…

Note: Please visit us by taking an appointment.