Cells make up tissues, these perform specific functions work together to form organs, these work together to be organ system.
When cell tissues are gathered together it forms an organ and with many organs it forms system and with many system it forms an organism.
A cell is a single unit of organism. When many cells form together, tissues are formed. so when loads of tissues come together, organs are formed. And when organs work with other things in our body, a system is formed.

Relational Organs

C 1 ➤ Back of head Headaches (Including migraines, aches or pain at the back of the head, behind the eyes or in the temples, tension across the forehead, throbbing or pulsating discomfort at the top or back of the head)
C 2 ➤ Various areas of the head
C 3 ➤ Side and front of the neck
C 4 ➤ Upper back of the neck Jaw muscle or joint aches or pains
C 5 ➤ Middle of neck and upper part of arms
C 6 ➤ Lower part of neck, Arms and Elbow Dizziness, nervousness, vertigo
C 7 ➤ Lower part of arms, Shoulders Soreness, tension and tightness felt in back of neck and throat area
D 1 ➤ Hands, Wrists, Fingers, Thyroid Pain, soreness and restriction in the shoulder area
D 2 ➤ Heart and its valves and coronary Bursitis, tendonitis
D 3 ➤ Lungs, Bronchial tubes, Pleura, Chest Pain and soreness in arms, hand, elbow and/or fingers
D 4 ➤ Gall bladder, Common Duct
D 5 ➤ Liver, Solar plexus Chest pains, tightness or constriction, asthma, difficulty in breathing
D 6 ➤ Stomach, Mid-back area Middle or lower mid-back pain, discomfort and soreness
D 7 ➤ Pancreas, Duodenum Various and numerous symptoms from trouble or malfunctioning of:
– Thyroid
– Heart
– Lungs
– Gall bladder
– Liver
– Stomach
– Pancreas
– Spleen
– Adrenal glands
– Kidneys
D 8 ➤ Spleen, Lower mid-back
D 9 ➤ Adrenal glands
D 10 ➤ Kidneys
D 11 ➤ Ureters
D 12 ➤ Small intestine, Upper/lower back
LUMBER – Small and large intestines
– Sex organs
– Uterus
– Urinary Bladder
– Prostate glands
L 1 ➤ Ileocecal valve, Large intestine
L 2 ➤ Appendix, Abdomen, Upper Leg
L 3 ➤ Sex Organ Low back pain, aches and soreness
L 4 ➤ Prostate gland, Lower back Trouble walking
L 5 ➤ Sciatic nerve, Lower legs, Ankles, Feet Leg, knee, ankle and foot soreness and pain
SACRO ➤ Hip Bones, Buttocks Sciatica, pain or soreness in the hips and buttocks
COXIS ➤ Rectum, Anus Rectal trouble

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