The official broadcasting station of London (BBC), in one of its main news bulletins on 12.08.2001, declared the following:

The Syrians were used to betake themselves to the British capital seeking for channels of treating their diseases of which they were desperate, or they came to make medical checkups or to perform some complicated medical operations. Such a way of acting on the part of the Syrians seemed very normal, but the unexpected act was the change in their destination from Great Britain towards the Syrian capital. A scientific medical team representing the British Royal Family began communications and dialogues with a group of Syrian physicians in Damascus in search for the cupping operation for the treatment of the hereditary disease, hemophilia. The disease confirmed its recovery in a number of sick people in Syria by means of cupping operations.

A spokesman on behalf of the professor Abdul-kader Dayrani, a verifier and a publisher of the books of the Damascene erudite who vitalized the cupping operation and restored its correct methods. The spoke man added that a delegation communicated with him to acquaint themselves with the medical studies done on hundreds of Syrian and Arab patients through the precise and accurate procedures which led to astonishing results for most diseases, especially hemophilia. He also mentioned that the first start for cupping in history was during the era of the most highborn the Arab Messenger. He also added that the scientific techniques and procedures of cupping were lost as time passed until the late Damascene erudite and scholar Mohammad Amin Sheikho brought the procedures of cupping to light anew.

Dr. Abdulmalek Al-Shalati, a specialist in neural diseases from UK and a professor in Damascus University, said to the BBC, in his talk, that the performance of cupping operations in its strict regular conditions on a group of patients gave amazing results in the complete recovery of many cases of cancer, paralysis, the problematic hemophilia, angina pectoris, Hodgkin’s disease, and some improvements in asthma, rheumatism, and other cases of disease. All these cases were confirmed foundings in clinical examinations, radiological and laboratory investigations performed on patients.

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