The general lab report of the systematic scientific study about the Al-Hijamah (cupping) operation

The study was preformed according to the scientific rules which deduced from the noble prophetic traditions. These rules state that cupping should be applied:

  • In the early morning, on fasting.
  • In the springtime, during the second half of the lunar months corresponding to April and May (in the Mediterranean countries as Syria).
  • For men over twenty years old, and for women over menopause.

The research included 300 cases which have been studied by a laboratory medical team and a clinical medical team. The findings of the study came as follows:

  1. In cases of hypertension, the blood pressure decreased to its normal limit.
  2. In cases of hypotension, the blood pressure increased to its normal limit.
  3. The electrocardiograms showed a great improvement, and graphically there was a return to normal situation in the segments slide.
  4. Decrease to normal limits in ESR.
  5. Moderation in the red corpuscles count.
  6. In all cases of polycythemia (Erythremia), the value of hemoglobin decreased to its normal limit.
  7. In all cases of low hemoglobin, its value increased to the normal limit. This denotes an activity in the body and a growth in its ability in producing benign young red corpuscles which help in more active and effective transporting of oxygen.
  8. In 60% of the cases (cupped persons), there was a rise in leukocytes count within normal limits.
  9. The count of leukocytes increased in 71.4% of cases of rheumatic diseases. This explains the instant recovery of the rheumatic patients and those who suffer from chronic inflammations after they use cupping.
  10. Neutrophils count increased within normal limits in100% of cases of rheumatic diseases.
  11. In 83.3% of cases of asthma, the neutrophils count increased within normal limits.
  12. Neutrophils count fall to normal limits in all cases of abnormal neutrophilia.
  13. In cases of heart diseases, the neutrophils count fell to normal limits in the rate of 76.9% of the cases.
  14. Rise in thrombocytes count in 50.6% of the cases.
  15. In all cases of thrombocytopenia, the count of thrombocytes became normal.
  16. In 50% of cases of essential thrombocytosis, the count decreased to normal limits.
  17. Glucose level in blood decreased in 83.75 % of the cases, while it remained within its normal limits in the rest.
  18. 92.5 % of cases of diabetic patients showed a decrease in glucose value.
  19. Creatinine value in blood decreased in 66.66 % of the cases.
  20. The quantity of creatinine contained in the cupping blood was high in all cases.
  21. 78.57% of patients having a high level of creatinine in blood showed decrease in it.
  22. The value of uric acid in blood fell in 66.66 % of the cases.
  23. The level of uric acid in blood decreased, at the patients suffering from its rise in 73.68% of the cases.
  24. The value of urea in blood decreased in 50.7 % of the cases.
  25. Urea level in blood decreased in 80% of cases having arisen in it.
  26. 80% of cases of high level of the liver Enzyme (SGPT) showed falling in it. This indicates that the liver has been activated after performing cupping.
  27. SGOT (a liver Enzyme) became lower in 80% of cases of patients having a high level of it. This explains the improvement that the electrocardiogram showed.
  28. Alkaline phosphatase (a liver enzyme) decreased in 62.85 % of the cases where it was high.
  29. The amylase level in blood became lower in 54.9 % of the cases.
  30. In all cases of a high value of albumin in blood, the value returned to its normal limit.
  31. The cholesterol level in blood became lower in 81.9 % of the cases.
  32. Regarding the patients who had a high value of cholesterol in blood, the value decreased in 83.6 % of the cases.
  33. The triglycerides level decreased in 75 % of the cases where it was high.
  34. (K) and (Na) ions became normal in 90 % of the cases.
  35. (Ca) ions became normal in 90 % of the cases.
  36. (CPK) decreased in 66.66 % of the cases where it was high.
  37. The red blood cells in the cupping blood withdrawn from the upper part of the back were all of abnormal shapes: Hypochromasia ~ Burr ~ Target ~ Crenated ~ Spherocytes ~ Poikilocytes ~ Anisocytosis ~ Shistocytes ~ Teardrop cells ~ Acanthocytes.
  38. The leukocytes count in the cupping blood did not come to one tenth of their count in the venous blood. This indicates that the cupping operation keeps the components of immunity system in the body.
  39. In 66% of the cases, there was an increase in the iron level within its normal limits.
  40. (T.I.B.C.) was very high in the cupping blood where it varied between (422) and (1057) while in the venous blood it ranges between (250) to (400). This indicates that there is a mechanism which prevents iron from getting out of the cupping scratches retaining it inside the body so as to take part in building new blood cells. This is possibly associated with an activity in the process of iron absorption in the intestines.
  41. (CPK) became normal in 92.4 % of the cases.
  42. (LDH) became normal in 93.75 % of the cases.

These extremely dazzling findings reflected too many cases of marvelous recovery which came as a proof of the grandeur of the prophetic science.

Ref: Dr. M.Nabeel Al-Shareef (the prior dean of the faculty of Pharmacy)

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