Certain persons may say: I have read some of the prophetic traditions which prevent cupping on days of Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and I have found that there is contradiction in them. Some of these traditions prefer cupping to be performed, and others prohibit doing it. Which Hadith is the right one? Rightness is whole in one and it is never pluralized!

In answer to this inquiry, we say that all the prophetic traditions are correct and strong and there is not any weak one among them at all. How could weakness sneak to them, and the Almighty Allah has witnessed to them in describing the Prophet in Al-Najm Surah Nor does he speak of (his own) desire. If contradictory is found between a certain tradition and the Noble Qur’an, and this denotes that there is doubt about its credibility and its fallacy is most clear, and the Messenger of Allah is exonerated from it, he didn’t speak it at all. There are many traditions that were forged and foisted in order to let people run in confusion and divert themselves from reality and fall preys in labyrinth. But no one can divert himself from rightness and reality except that one who has neglected his mind and does not give research its rightness which is attained thorough examination and comparison according to the Holy book “Qur’an”, logic and rightness. However he who uses his mind contemplating in the wonders of the universe, and thinking about his end in this life and his future in the hereafter.

Then, he attains the real faith, that changes the disbeliever to a savant after his insight is opened, and the wax of his ears vanishes, and the haze of his eyes disappears, and his spirit “heart” have been purified, and becomes perfect after he has loved and adored the people of perfection , and the Messenger of Allah (Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him) who is the Master of Perfection and high moralities , and he becomes by this divine trustworthy bond , which has no schism, able to put the proof against himself and against the others, depending on what he has known and understood from the Holy book “Qur’an” which becomes his reference, his support and his scale ( He who grasps it in practical life saves himself, and he who leaves it to other ones (books) perishes himself. Therefore, through the real faith alone man can distinguish between the exact tradition and the fabricated one. If the utterance is contradictory and different, that means the tradition is concocted by people, and not said by the prophet.
Allah said, Certainly, you have different ideas. Turned aside there from is he who is turned aside. Surah Adh-Dharyat (51:89)
Whereas the rightful utterance which is approved by the book of Allah is harmonious to a high level of harmony by the right logic and irrefutable evidence, so we find in it the uprightness and integrity of humanity. The Messenger, who has adhered himself to Allah in such a way that he has surpassed the whole world and all people in understanding the book of the Almighty Allah.

Almighty Allah says in Surah Ar-Ra’d (43): And those disbelievers say:You are not a Messenger”. “O. Mohammed Say: It is Sufficient That Allah is the witness who is the right path “me or you”. and who has the knowledge of the holy book like me?, and who could understand it like me?. Such was his reply to the deniers of his messages and of his prophecy and the skeptical persons in his calling.
As well as, those who have sincerely followed him, getting true insight , will never be deceived by the ornament of utterance and its vanity.
The Almighty Allah Says : “O. Mohammed Say ;This is my way; I invite unto Allah with sure knowledge, I and whosoever follows me¦. Surah Yusuf (12:108). As for those narrated traditions, which permit performing cupping on days of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday; and forbids its performance on days of Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, were weakened by Alhafez Ibn Hijr in Alfat’h (the Conquest) (12/256), and the late Imam Almajlisi showed their contradictions. We shall, for exclusive example, bring a pattern for you and leave the verdict to you, my dear brother reader. The first tradition: From Ibn Omar may Allah be pleased with him said, Apply cupping treatment on Thursday¦ (Ibn Majah /3487/). The second tradition: Never be cupped on Thursday. He, who has been performed on, misfortune affects him ¦ Kanz Al-Ummal (workmen’s treasure) /Hindi/ (28158).

Today, there are so many contradictory traditions which tell you to be cupped on Tuesday, and others tell you not to be cupped on such a day. This contradiction denotes to their falseness and incredibility, and aims at confusion and liquefaction of the traditions of the favorite Prophet about cupping. All these are prejudiced intrigues whereas the rightful one is the one which the clear logic accepts it through the practical fact, and that which you find it aligns with the tradition of the Messenger of Allah, that does not confine cupping on days of Saturday, or Sunday, or Monday, or Tuesday¦etc. but it defines the cupping time according to the lunar month, from his saying: Cupping is detested at the beginning of the crescent, and it is not hoped for benefit until the crescent decreases.
It was told by Al-Hindi in his Kanz Al-Ummal (28113), by al-Ajlouni in Kashf Al-khafa’ (Uncovering of the concealment), and by Ibn Al-Jawzi in Tathkarat Almawdhooaat (Memo of subjects)/207/. This tradition was backed by another one in his saying: The best days for you to be cupped are the seventeenth day, the nineteenth day, and the twenty-first day (of the lunar month) Sunan Ibn Majah, Al-tib, No./3469/( Norms of Medicine). This honored tradition denotes the incredibility of the traditions which prohibit most days of the week: Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Tuesday ¦ for a clear reason you yourself can discover it. Let us suppose that the seventeenth day of the lunar month comes on Friday and this means that the nineteenth day of it will surely be Sunday, and the twenty-first day of it will be Tuesday.
Let us also suppose that the seventeenth day comes on Thursday, then the nineteenth will be Saturday, and the twenty-first will be Monday¦ and so on.
The inconstancy of the days in relation with the dates of the lunar month because the lunar month is changing from month to another, and from year to year. This proves the abrogation of the traditions and of the claims that prohibit applying cupping on some days despite they are in a true time of performing cupping as they are in the spring time and after the decreasing of crescent¦, and it confirms the futility of such traditions in a clear way. The Prophet (Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him) is innocent of such fabrications.

Source: Mohammad Amin Sheikho

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