The Damascene erudite doctor explained this point by saying: Cupping is the prophet’s advice. For the whole fact, and in implementing this wholesome therapeutic art, which was recommended for application by the most honored prophet Muhammad (Allah’s blessing and peace be upon him), and his followers, the soul of the cupped person tends to follow up that great physician, the physician of the heart (soul), the inclination of the cupped-person’s soul towards him while his insights is staring incessantly at the almighty curing Allah, and there is no cure except him, this inclination makes his soul immersed in the almighty’s light, therefore the cupped-person’s soul is cured by the Allah’s light forwarded on the prophet.

Yes, cupping cures psychic ailments and ignoble characteristics and changes them into the properties of perfection. And because of detestable statuses, and before performing cupping, the cupped-person may have contracted some diseases so as that his heart is to be cured by resorting himself to Allah in order to attaining the recovery.

Since he has followed the teachings of Allah as iterated by his most honorable messenger; and his soul has directed itself unconsciously to its creator. His soul has improved and his heart has eavesdropped to the teachings of Allah. After that there is no need for a disease that may protect him from the evils of his spirit and of the acts for his heart has become virtuous. If the heart is reformed, the whole body becomes resistant against diseases.

This psychological advantage has a great effect on recovery according to the tendency towards Allah. If it is strong, the cupped-person is acquitted of all diseases, and all diseases abstain protectively from attacking him. If the tendency towards Allah is feeble, the improvement is relative, but the benefit must be realized whatsoever. Cupping is all helpful. There is no harm at all in applying it. And I think the experiments on cupping for the elapsed century is enough to approve; there is no resulting harm to any person at all from applying it according to its precise rules. Former experiments are the best proof for certainty.

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